Cancelled, sorry :(

Screenshot of Cebo at a box-puzzle
Screenshot of Cebo at a ice-puzzle

Cancelled due to uninteresting gameplay and scope creep.

GeloMancer has been in development for a long time and despite graphical improvements and great deal of polish, the gameplay of it has been not very interesting in it's own.
It was one of the first games Hugimugi has ever developed and along GeloMancer's long development he has improved significantly compared to GeloMancer's gameplay which had been boring when put next to smaller game jam games made between its development.
Also GeloMancer's scope got larger than initially expected and would've needed much more time, even if it had been in development for almost half a century. Hugimugi sees this not as a sad end to a quirky game, but as essential improvement process in order to understand better on what makes games click.


May 2015 to Sep 2019